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Upcoming Litters and Available Puppies

Scroll down to see the planned and confirmed litters for 2024

Litters planned for 2024

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Upcoming Litters: Inventory

Upcoming Litters

Maggie Retrieve.jpg
Sweet Maggie.jpg
Bully Duck Master.jpg
Bully Ribbons.jpg
FastCat Bullet.JPG

Maggie x Bullet

One female ready to go home now

We are so excited about the breeding between Maggy and our stud, Bullet. Maggie comes from our good friends at Red Prairie Retrievers and boasts an exceptional lineage, which is noteworthy as her mother is a European golden with a hunting title and her father a field-bred golden. Meanwhile, Bullet, our highly accomplished stud, has secured several titles, making this cross an unmissable opportunity. The litter resulting from this pairing has the potential to excel in various fields such as hunting, agility, dock diving, as well as therapy or service work.

Maggie is has final clearances and is CHIC certified.

Truffle and her puppies_edited.jpg
Truffle 1.jpg
Truffle 3.jpg
Riot Fast Cat
Riot JH.jpeg
Riot Hunting.jpeg
Riot Water.jpeg
Riot Dock Diving.jpeg
Riot Dock Diving.jpeg

Truffle x Riot

Due May 27th

I am so excited to pair our Truffle girl with our Riot. 

These two dogs are incredibly special. Truffle has a lower drive and is a snuggle bug. She loves her people and kids. She has the softest and silkiest coat and produces some of the cutest puppies I have seen in our program. Riot is a higher drive golden but has that coveted off switch that allows him to be the best companion in the fields and the house. 

These dogs love our family so much and are both silly and endearing. They will make the most wonderful puppies that can do almost anything including service work, field work, sports or just the best family pets. Deposits available. Puppies will be priced at $2500 for limited registration. 

Pedigree: Truffle+Riot (

Pretty Mable.jpg
Boat dog
Mable Barn Hunt.jpg
Soaring Mable
Lure Coursing Ribbons
Dock Diving
Happy Finn.jpg
Finn with his pheasants on opening day.jpg
Service Dog Finn.jpg
Finn Dock Diving.jpg

Mable x Finn

Due - May 30th

We have chosen to pair Mable with Finn from Riverstone Goldens. He is a VERY accomplished boy with MANY titles.

I have been obsessing over Finn for the longest time. We have used him once with Willow and his puppies are amazing.

Finn is a very active dog, yet has a wonderful off switch with proper exercise. He loves to swim, go on hikes, and play fetch. Finn is a serious hunting dog with great bird drive. He tracks like a dream, confidently enters water, has a natural soft mouth, beautiful hand delivery, and is unfazed being shot over. Finn is also an ADA compliant, task trained service dog for for his owner; he has a natural cardiac alert and truly enjoys working.

Finn is 23.5 inches at the withers and weighs 75 pounds. He has a beautiful head piece with a kind, soft expression, full dentition, and scissors bite. Finn's temperament is happy, loving, focused, and confident. Finn is well muscled and in prime working condition. He has a beautiful front assembly with good amount of prosternum, deep, well sprung chest, and nice angles. Finn has ample bone and a clean gait with good reach and drive.

I am excited to pair him with Mable. I anticipate some beautiful puppies with a thick show coat and biddable personalities and the ability to do therapy/service work, hunting, sports, and show. The perfect family pets!

Mable Puppies are priced at $2800 for limited registration.

Here is the link to Finn's pedigree and links to his health testing: Pedigree: U-CH Opk's Gimmie Some Finn CD RM FDC CAA DCAT ACT2 SHDN AS DSA DJ RATN SDPRO CGCA CGCU TKE ATT CCA PKD-N (

Churro Smiles.jpeg
Churro Public Access.jpg
Best girl Churro.jpg
Riot JH.jpeg
Riot Fast Cat
Riot Dock Diving.jpeg
Riot Hunting.jpeg
Riot our happy helper.jpg

Churro x Riot

Due July 17th - Go home mid Sept

We are excited to pair Churro with our own Riot for her first litter.

Churro possesses the quintessential golden retriever temperament, characterized by her gentle disposition and responsiveness. She is a highly obedient dog and displays a keen interest in training. She loves her people and has the desire to be close to them. She is incredibly loyal and calm! 

Riot has a higher drive than Churro but is the perfect family companion. He is that do it all golden, he can go work the fields and come home and chillax with his family. 

If you are looking for a puppy with parents that have good hips, this is the litter for you! Both Churro and Riot have OFA Excellent rated hips!

This pairing will make the best family pets that could also excel in therapy work, field work, and sports. 

Layla WC Title
Layla Dock Diving
Layla Air Retrieve
Layla Air Retrieve 2
Layla girl.JPG
Layla Fastcat.jpg

Layla x Poncho

Planned breeding Fall 2024

We have decided to pair our Layla girl to the incredible Poncho from Red Prairie Retrievers. We are so grateful to them for letting us use this boy. Let's learn about his achievements:

Poncho is the sweetest boy and loves attention from his humans. When it is time to work, he has great focus and drive. He has high energy, but is able to shut off in the house making him the perfect hunting companion and family pet. He is trainable and catches onto new skills quick and earned his MH (master hunter) title at 2.5 years of age in 2022.

Here is Poncho's link to see his accomplishments, health information, and pedigree:

Layla is our little star. She has blown us away at every sport she does. She just earned her Junior Hunter title and is working toward her Senior Hunter. Layla has a raw natural talent for the dock and is currently ranked in the top 5 golden retrievers in the nation for the distance jump in dock diving. Click learn more below to see more information on Layla.

We are so excited for this pairing and know they will produce some incredible hunting and sports prospects as well as loving companions. Here is the link to the puppy pedigree:

For more information about our litters, contact us today.

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Upcoming Litters: Inventory
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