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Upcoming Litters and Available Puppies

Scroll down to see the planned and confirmed litters for 2023

Litters planned for 2023

Accepting Deposits Now

Upcoming Litters: Inventory

Upcoming Litters

Upcoming Litters: Inventory
Dock Master Title
Barn hunt ribbons
Happy 2nd Birthday Willow.jpg
Willow Therapy Work.jpg
Dock diving
Willow soaring in Air Retrieve
Bullet taking off for the duck
Bullet Therapy Work
Waiting for the ducks
Bullet dock diving.jpeg
Bullet Free Stack.jpeg

Willow x Bullet

Female Availability - Go home date 11/23

I am so excited to pair our Willow girl with our Bully Bear. These two are what we refer to as Soul Dogs. Dogs so special and so rare that change your life forever. I have the most precious bond with both of these babies and when these puppies come into the world, it will be magic. 

Both Willow and Bullet are certified Therapy Dogs through Alliance Therapy Dogs. Bullet is a task trained service dog alerting on my tics and deep pressure therapy. 

Both dogs are incredibly talented in sports. Willow has a high aptitude for agility, dock diving, air retrieve, lure courses, and scent work. 

Bullet has two hunt test titles and has a high aptitude for agility, rally, obedience, dock diving, and air retrieve.

These dogs love our family so much and are both silly and endearing. They will make the most wonderful puppies that can do almost anything including service work. Deposits available. Puppies will be priced at $2800 for limited registration.

Malibu Runnning
Sweet Mali Girl

Malibu x Walter

Pending Pregnancy Confirmation Due 12/8/23

We have made a wonderful decision to breed Malibu with Walter, an exceptional male from Sunny Slope Golden Retrievers. Walter boasts a stunning appearance and comes from a pedigree with famous show lines. His sweet and affectionate nature is evident as he gets along with everyone he meets. He is patient and loving with kids, other dogs, cats, and livestock. Walter goes to work with his human everyday and even the UPS driver looks forward to seeing him. Walter LOVES the water and will take advantage anytime he can. He just earned his first Dock Diving title, a dock novice. Walter is a little shorter than Malibu. He has a large blocky head and is very muscular and lean. He has a beautiful thick coat. Walter is also CHIC certified, demonstrating his excellent health.

Here is Walter's Pedigree:

Here is his health certifications:

Now, let's talk about Malibu, our truly special girl. Hailing from the coveted Tramin show lines, Malibu is a gentle and loving soul. She is a certified therapy dog with Alliance Therapy Dogs, showcasing her nurturing and caring nature. With numerous titles under her belt, she has proven herself as an exceptional dog. The puppies she brings into the world inherit her sweet and relaxed temperament, making them delightful companions. As a result, we have a considerable number of people eagerly anticipating Malibu's adorable offspring. Malibu is a larger female golden and has a beautiful blocky head. 

For those interested in welcoming one of Malibu's puppies into their homes, they are priced at $2800 for limited registration. 

Maggie Retrieve.jpg
Sweet Maggie.jpg
Bully Duck Master.jpg
Bully Ribbons.jpg
FastCat Bullet.JPG

Maggy x Bullet

February 2024 Planned Breeding

We are thrilled about the upcoming breeding between Maggy and our stud, Bullet. Maggy comes from our good friends at Red Prairie Retrievers and boasts an exceptional lineage, which is noteworthy as her mother is a European golden and her father a field-bred golden. Meanwhile, Bullet, our highly accomplished stud, has secured several titles, making this cross an unmissable opportunity. The litter resulting from this pairing has the potential to excel in various fields such as hunting, agility, dock diving, as well as therapy or service work.

Maggie is pending her final clearances and will not be bred unless she passes all OFAs.

Layla WC Title
Layla Dock Diving
Layla Air Retrieve
Layla Air Retrieve 2
Layla girl.JPG
Layla Fastcat.jpg

Layla x Poncho

Planned winter breeding 2024

We have decided to pair our Layla girl to the incredible Poncho from Red Prairie Retrievers. We are so grateful to them for letting us use this boy. Let's learn about his achievements:

Poncho is the sweetest boy and loves attention from his humans. When it is time to work, he has great focus and drive. He has high energy, but is able to shut off in the house making him the perfect hunting companion and family pet. He is trainable and catches onto new skills quick and earned his MH (master hunter) title at 2.5 years of age in 2022.

Here is Poncho's link to see his accomplishments, health information, and pedigree:

Layla is our little star. She has blown us away at every sport she does. She just earned her Junior Hunter title and is working toward her Senior Hunter. Layla has a raw natural talent for the dock and is currently ranked in the top 5 golden retrievers in the nation for the distance jump in dock diving. Click learn more below to see more information on Layla.

We are so excited for this pairing and know they will produce some incredible hunting and sports prospects as well as loving companions. Here is the link to the puppy pedigree:

For more information about our litters, contact us today.

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