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Let us answer your golden questions!

When can puppies come home?

We do not allow puppies to come home before 8 weeks. 

Do you offer full registration?

We can discuss full-registration. This is not offered frequently and we require that all proper health testing be completed before breeding.

What does My puppy come with?

Your new family member comes with a bag of food, a collar, AKC paperwork, a small blanket with mother’s scent, and a five generation pedigree. 

Do you offer a Health Guarantee?

We offer a one-year guarantee on hips and elbows for genetic problems and a two year guarantee on eyes and heart for genetic problems.

How do you socialize the puppies?

We use the puppy culture method. This means your puppy will have been desensitized to bathing, trimming, noises, textures, car rides, many different people, and small animals. We will start them on crate training and potty training.

How do I place a deposit to get on the waitlist?

We recommend getting on the wait list as soon as possible. We require a $200 non-refundable deposit (unless we cannot provide a puppy) You can venmo or bring us cash. We do not accept checks.

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