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Living the Golden Good Life

At Soul Desire Golden Retrievers, our retired breeding dogs are not just beloved companions; they are the heart and soul of our program. These remarkable canines have dedicated years to the art of nurturing, guiding, and contributing to our legacy of producing exceptional Golden Retriever companions. Each retiree holds a unique place in our hearts, having played an integral role in shaping the very essence of our breeding efforts.

Our retirees are more than just pedigrees and champions; they embody the culmination of generations of careful breeding and passionate commitment. Their impact extends far beyond the realm of our breeding program, as they have blessed numerous families with their offspring. Many of their puppies now reside in loving homes, spreading joy and companionship across the globe.

These retired dogs represent our commitment to excellence, embodying not just superior genetics but also the warmth, intelligence, and affectionate nature that defines the Golden Retriever breed. They've left an indelible mark on our hearts, and their legacy lives on through the countless tails wagging in happiness within the homes of their descendants. As we honor their well-deserved retirement, we celebrate the invaluable contribution they've made to Soul Desire Golden Retrievers and the countless families they've touched with their loving spirits.

Our Retired Dogs: About

Retired Dogs

Rivendell 3.jpg


Number of litters: 1

We loved having this sweet girl in our program. She had one litter with us and we decided to spay her. She is living with her guardian home in Logan and is so loved. 

Rivendell has a high, high, high drive. She is hyperfocused and loves to retrieve. This girl loves to play and is incredibly sweet.


Number of litters: 3

Cali is the friendliest girl and loves people and attention. This girl loves water and is happy to fetch anywhere you throw an object. She would fetch all day if you let her. She has a high drive and is very athletic. She is quick on her feet and agile. Cali is incredibly eager to please and loves to snuggle. Cali is so sweet and loves children so much. She has a way of making them feel included in all situations. Cali had three litters for our program and lives with her family in Colorado.

Cali Side Profile
Malibu Valentine's Day 2023.jpg


Number of litters: 3
Malibu was such a special part of our program and is so incredibly loved. She has the sweetest and silliest temperament. She loves to sleep on her back and give morning awoos to let you know it's time for love and breakfast. She visited many assisted living centers and loved lure coursing and sports. She gave us three beautiful litters and we decided it was time for her to live the retired life. She lives in Kansas City as a therapy dog for the police department there. We love keeping up with her as she thrives in her new home.

Our Retired Dogs: Inventory
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